Rose (Rosa damascena) Much more than a pretty face and amazing smell. Rose is the symbol of Love and as love, it has magical effect on human body and mind


"It is the queen of essential oils, a deeply feminine aroma."

This majestic plant is used in natural beauty treatments for thousands of years.
Rose oil can improve acne, balance hormones, relieve anxiety, improve depression, reduce rosacea and naturally increase libido.

Many experiments prove that rose oil can be a great remedy for anxiety disorder and depression including the postpartum one.

"The scent alone has uplifting and townifying effects and stabilises the nervous system."

It can have magical effect on the skin (personal experience).

One of the strongest bactericidal activities compared many other oils and all natural.

Its great ability to increase your skin’s permeability enables the skin to open up more and be able to absorb greater amount of nutrients of your natural beauty and skin products (make sure you use the right ones with no artificial ingredients).

Rose oil is a great libido booster. It can help men with sexual dysfunction related to performance anxiety and stress thanks to its anti-anxiety benefits. It can help balance sex hormones, which can contribute to increased sex drive (woo hoo).

Source:Jennie Hardin: Secrets of Aromatherapy

           Kurt Schnaubelt, Ph. D.: Advanced Aromatherapy

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