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Yoga ..🧘🏼‍♀️ But where?🤷🏼‍♀️

The more I practice yoga, the more I realise how many different styles it has....really amazing. I used to think about yoga as a sport and expected the same exhaustion from it as after a spinning or any other class..🚴🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ . Well...I had to realise that yoga is much more, it really is a lifestyle (cliche #1).

I didn't care much where I went spinning that one hour or where I rolled or run or stepped in a gym, it really didn't matter where I went for that short time slot. Of course there are some basic requirements; not too far (within 20-30 mins walk distance = warming up), clean, good quality machines and bonus if it had a sauna (ohh ...how much I love that hot sweaty room). It really only took that 1-2 hours from my life, I entered the gym, I exercised, maybe some sauna and once I changed back to my daily outfit and left the gym, it was gone from my mind.

Now, when it comes to yoga, either I practice at home or else I really need the right environment. Once I leave the yoga room the mood and mindset is present during my whole day/evening.

Yoga became my little treasure, the way I live my everyday. Therefore, it does matter where I practice it. This is something subjective and very personal of course and without trying several different places it is hard to find the right one, the one you have a kind of chemistry with. Some people might like the modern, clean spacious rooms with at maximum some tea tree oil in the air. I can also understand why someone likes the little darker, woody, cosy sandal/incense smelling rooms. This is a personal choice, you might like one or the other or you might like both.

I have to say I am super lucky to live in London, not many other cities in Europe have so many possibilities to practice yoga. I am more familiar what is in the west side of the city (Wild West ...haha). Two places are close to my heart; one is a beautifully clean, white, spacious studio with lots of amazing teachers on Kings Road (I suspect you guessed which one it is). One teacher there is very close to my heart and thanks to her I started an amazing yoga teacher training course (which will write about later).

The other one is (luckily) 8 minutes away on foot from my home, on Old Brompton Road. This one is a smaller boutique gym with amazing people and an open air room for yoga!!!! Yes, open air in London!! Nothing is better on a spring/summer morning practicing yoga outside, listening to the birds (my friends know I have some special bond with birds, they keep on pooping on me, but I know it brings luck, so I don't mind 😂😂), having the breeze or sun on your face during Savasana. Priceless.

So, these are my two number ones, but there are many amazing studios are around, just do a little research, and trials. London studios are pretty good in trial packages and also ask your friends. One of the best ways to find good places is through word of mouth. Ask people with who you share same interests and taste and then go and try.


Love, Klara

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