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An other passion; Horses

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One of my other passion apart from Yoga and Lavender is horse riding. I developed a strong attraction for horses at a very early age. I don't know who remembers "My Little Pony"..? But I think I had at least 50 of them..😏😏 🙈 might have been a little spoiled by my Dad❤️. Also I had like 2-3 barbies and at least 3 horses for each..just to be sure they can ride anytime:)

So when I was little I used to ride a lot. A friend of mine had a horse near to a forest so we used to go there every week. I have so wonderful memories cantering in the snow in the middle of the forest. No fears, just joy.

Then I moved abroad at the age of 18 and I had years and years without getting on a horse.

At one point I couldn't continue anymore without my childhood passion and I enrolled to the stable in Bois de Boulogne in Paris, "Société d'Equitation de Paris". Very lovely place just next to the Louis Vuitton Foundation.

I could enjoy a wonderful hour with the horses once a week at 7 am before heading to work. The joy it gave me is hard to put in words. I took private lessons as my French horse riding vocabulary was not the most wonderful..😏 and I didn't want to stop the class at every 5 minutes not understanding what is going on...

I progressed a lot with my trainer Julie on 4 amazing horses, depending what we wanted to improve that day:) -Neptune, Speedy, Toscane and Upscye- I just heard that Neptune retired this year..He was a cheeky horse, but very comfortable to ride. I will never forget him. Bye bye Neptune!:) enjoy your days on the fields🤗.

Then last year I moved to London and I had to leave that lovely stable in Paris. My fiance knew how important horse riding is for me and he made sure to help me finding a place to ride here in London. Luckily there is one lovely place in Wimbledon where you can ride in the forest. I was so happy!

So of course I enrolled, continuing with my lessons. But something unexpected happened...

I started to be nervous before getting on the horse and started to lose my confidence which was at a pretty okay level after all those years of practice.

The night before my lessons I couldn't sleep and wasn't feeling comfortable on the horses. I got worried about any unexpected move the horse made. Why? I still don't have the answer...maybe the changes in my life? 🤷🏼‍♀️ It is very hard to explain; even if we go through wonderful positive changes, sometimes we need time to adapt and it can result in nervousness and panic? I am still figuring it out. But...

My love for horse riding is so strong that even with these nervous feelings I didn't want to abandon this wonderful part of my life. I decided to be patient with myself, slow down a little bit. I honestly told to my trainer how I feel and she completely understood and told it is normal. She is helping me to gain back my confidence in myself and in the horses.

Horse riding is one of the best self-awareness therapy. Horses are like mirror, they reflect how we are feeling and will adapt to us. So we are better not panicking and just stay relaxed and enjoy the moments. My confidence is coming back slowly and getting very comfortable on the back of Schnitzl 🤗💕🐴.

Sometimes in life we get in situation where we need to be patient and just slow down rather than giving up on our happiness and dreams✨.

Love, Klara


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