How I ended up falling in love with lavender?


This strong attraction gave me the courage to start something to do that I really like and that is close to my heart. It was just constantly calling for me and attracting me like a strong magnet that just wouldn’t let me.


First time I really got close to this magic flower, lavender was more than 5 years ago in September 2012, in Paris. Funny enough being in France, still it was my very special and close friend from Hungary, Anita who showed me the magic effect of this little purple flower. That time we were not really friends; we just knew each other through other friends. She was a friend of a friend who needed some days accommodation in Paris till she finds a flat for the 3 month she stayed in the city. During those couple of days we became so close friends that at the end she stayed with us for that period and since that moment we are best friends.


Ildiko & Anita 💜

Her mum, Ildiko is the one with the magic hands. She is the person who prepares all these amazing products from lavender oil and other amazing essential oils extracted from wonderful plants and flowers. From the first moment I just loved that everything is natural, pure in these bottles. I felt immediately how much more is in these bottles. These essences have souls, I felt that the person who prepared them, put part of her heart in every single drop. Have you ever experienced that when something is prepared from love and with love, they are so different? They have this energizing, healing power. I could compare it to when my grandma prepared my favorite cake with all her love for me. In a way she baked part of her heart in every cake she prepared for us. It put a big smile on my face and filled my heart with love every single time I had a bite. And it just felt tastier than anything else. I think this is what I feel when I use the product of Levendarium. I truly believe Ildiko has love for all living creatures and she expresses it in these magical oils and waters. They have really strong healing power for me. Now it is more than 5 years I am using her products and I am very happy with the result. Probably that is the reason I am so enthusiastic about introducing them on the UK market and make it available for more people. I really hope everyone will enjoy the same way as I do.

Love: Klara

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