Lavender (Lavandula angustifloia) is one of the most wonderful plant in the world with plenty of amazing benefits.


Lavender can calm and relax the mind and reduce anxiety and stress. 

Some drops of lavender oil in a diffuser or on the pillow before bed time and ease a good nigh sleep.

 It can be a great treat for sleeping issues and insomnia.

It can reduce the soreness of the body thanks to its anti-inflammatory qualities.

We can use lavender for pure and bright skin as it treats and calms down irritated skin.

It can heal injuries as it prevents the development of infections with its antiseptic quality.

"Actually, one should always have a bottle of lavender oil close at hand as it works wonders for burns. "

It also has some great hair treating qualities making the hair nicer and healthier.

With its relaxing qualities of lavender, which come from its organic compounds and antioxidants, it can reduce blood pressure and lower the risk of having problem with our heart

And last but not least it can give special aroma to our foods and drinks (make sure you use the culinary lavender)

Source: Kurt Schnaubelt, Ph. D.: Advanced Aromatherapy

            Jennie Harding:Secrets of Aromatherapy

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