Cypress (Cupressus sempervirens) has been used for many years as censer due too its empowering fragrant. The ancient Greeks started that at the entrance of the underworld. It s sharp, green smell is used in many perfumes. Very popular in France and Spain. 

Cypress oil can boost the circulation, it has detoxifying and antiseptic effect and it can release crumps. Great to use for muscle pain and for bad circulation. It can also disinfect wounds and can treat oily skin.

"In all of aromatherapy there is perhaps no oil more effective than cypress oil to counteract an infection of either the throat, nose, or bronchi in its early phase. Used at the very first signs of sore throat, it is typically sufficient to arrest the process and prevent the development of subsequent bronchitis or a cold."

Source: Jennie Harding: Secrets of Aromatherapy

              Kurt Schnaubelt, Ph. D.: Advanced Aromatherapy

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