Clary Sage

Clary Sage (Salvia Sclarea) oil has an uplifting effect on the body and mind.

It can relieve menstruation pain and discomfort.  It has rejuvenating effect on the skin and can treat dry and irritated skin. 


"Clary Sage impresses with its aroma. When applied to the wrist or temple, it is relaxing in a gentle, effective manner. Newcomers to aromatherapy often react to this with a light euphoria and giddiness. Robert Tisserand was the first aromatherapist to describe the occurrence of these euphoric effects during massage. This oil has intense effect on some individuals and more moderate effects on others. Through its sclareol content clary sage has an estrogen-like quality and is used to ease premenstrual syndrome."




Source: Kurt Schnaubelt, Ph. D.: Advanced Aromatherapy

            Jennie Harding: Secrets of Aromatherapy

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