In the genus of lavandula we can differentiate among 39 species, in which there are several other types and variations. The various types of lavender from rosy to purplish colors are the favorite objects for today's plant-breeders.
In the nomenclature there is a huge quarrel in Hungary as well as abroad. In Hungary we call the lavandula angustifolia the French lavender probably for the reason that in the beginning of the 1900s the great herbal scientist Bittera Gyula has imp
orted the first lavender plants from France to Tihany, Hungary. In the Anglo-Saxon regions the same flower is called the "English lavender" whereby as for Hungary the English lavender is normally the lavandin or hybrid lavender which is mainly hallmarked by the plantation of Pannonhalma. The easiest and clearest way is to call the herbs on their typonym, in the official aromatherapy it is even inevitable.







The lavender fields in Provance were planted during the recession after First World War in order to capitalize the stony, worse quality regions, which were unusable for cereal production. Due to its double output mainly the hybrid lavender was used for this purpose.
I would like to highlight 4 lavender species, which are most commonly used in healing. About these lavender types you can find more information in my article in the Aromatika-e magazine.
These are: Lavandula angustifolia, Lavandula x intermedia, Lavandula spika and Lavandula stoechas.


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