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Who are we?

When we have planted the first lavender flowers on the slopes of Dörgicse at fall time in 2003 – 15 years ago – my cherished dream of a lavender farm became true. Due to an accident – an unexpected twist of destiny I have decided to give up my well-going dentistry in the capital city and step into the unknown world of lavender lovers.
For the first steps the horticulturist of the Abbey of Pannonhalma and the today retired gardener of the national Herbal Research Institute have provided us help with love and care and let us to the secrets of lavender plating. Locals were amazed on my idea, since they still remembered the unsuccessful tries of plantation from times before.

Organic farming

I prefer the holistic view in healing, therefore the operation of an organic-bio farm was evident from the beginning on. In the chemical- and fertilizer-free environment billions of small creatures live together in harmony creating the living ground, on which the flower lives happily with its fellow animals such as bees, cicadae, butterflies and singing birds. We grow several types of lavender on 4 hectares and plant other different plants on an almost 40-hectare wide territory, which provides enough space for my other passion, the spelt.


The birth of Levendarium

Already the location of the lavender farm is special: not even the lavender has a good time on the slopes but this land and human culture provide beauties for tourists. The more, than 1000-year old twin ruin - despite of being manhandled by history and time – is present and makes us feel good and comfortable to be inside or around of it. Spiritual people recognize its strength in our lavender oil. Such as the "terra" appears in the wine, the specialties of the surrounding nature are shown in the lavender itself.
We aim to emphasize this quality by creating the Levendarium brand. With the name we are trying to suggests the multifunctional usage of the lavender and its essential oil: in the garden, kitchen, bathroom, household, keeping pets und at last but not least in healing and "home pharmacy", in one word

Levendarium = Every thing that is lavender

As a natural-medical doctor I prefer prevention and mild therapies (of course except cases requiring an emergency care) and consider the health-preserving lifestyle to be followed to which belongs the usage of the help of the flora which has been created for us, to us. It became a silent, faithful helpmate of the humanity, it offers itself devotedly, I am always amazed on its intelligence.
Thank God, that I can be a part of interpreting its healing power.

With love: Ildiko Demján, MD

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